A model of a competitive decentralized monetary system. In this model, the supply of the currency (SASH) is regulated by an algorithm, in consideration of the market demand, velocity, price, and exchange rate. Our model is built upon a set of economic rules, which will allow our system to always recover genuinely from recession.

  • The price of SASH has the tendencies to return to a projected price.
  • The MA value of SASH to USD will always increase. It has no upper limit.
  • SASH is Death Spiral resistant. SASH has his own economic cycle, it can always recover from recession.
  • For start SASH is only partially pledged by USD, SASH bondholders will never suffer from permanent loss.
  • The minting of SASH applies Fisher‘s quantity theory of money (MV=PT).

Launch and Distribution

Sigmoid Protocol will be launched separately on BSC, ETH and HECO. There will be in four phases of distribution. The protocol will be first launched on BSC.

Phase zero, Whitelist+Airdrop 4th April, 2021 - 4th June,2021

(*The end phase 0 extends from 5th May, 2021 to 4th June,2021)

  • apply for Whitelist.
  • Learn about Sigmoid protocol and ERC-659 bonds.
  • The audit will be hosted before the start of phase 1.

Phase one, initial liquidity providing for SASH

As mentioned above, during the phase 1, the address on the whitelist will be allowed to deposit USD to earn SASH. The participant will not be requested to buy SASH in order to participate in the farming. The yield farming of SASH is single token based, which means you only need to deposit a single token to farm SASH.

  • the amount they deposit must not exceed the maximum amount that they will be allowed.
  • There will be 4 USD pools to farm SASH, BUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI.
  • Any tokens listed on Pancake swap will be allowed to participate by converting to USD.
  • If a single deposit exceed 50,000 USD, the participant will not be needed on the Whitelist.
  • During the Phase 1 everyone can buy SASH from SASH-USD LP. But it will be at least twice the price of the Whitelist participants.
  • The deposit of SASH for SGM(sigmoid governance token) will also be open during this stage.
  • The SASH reward from first liquid providing will be locked until the start of phase 3.
  • The SASH reward can be used to farm SGM. The farming of SGM is also single token based.

Phase two, initial liquidity providing opens to all

In Phase 2, the yield farming of SASH will be open to all. The minimum minting cost of SASH and SGM will grow as the total supply of SASH grows. The participants of phase 1 can collect their SGM reward. Those SGM can be used for community governance. The participation in governance will also generate SASH reward.

  • There will be 4 USD pools to farm SASH, BUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI.
  • Any tokens listed on Pancake swap will be allowed to participate by converting to USD.
  • All limits on participation will be removed (including per address and per pool).
  • Non-stablecoin pools can be created by community voting.

Phase three, fully launched

in Phase 3, the SASH reward of previous phases will be unlocked. Market will be allowed to decide the initial price of SASH and SGM.

  • SGM and SASH will be listed on major exchanges.
  • The launching of Sigmoid protocol on ETH and HECO will be announced.

DEFI project, a bond based monetary model.

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